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Mount Monadnock


Motivated and dedicated to putting the people of NH first!

Donovan just finished his first term in the New Hampshire State Senate. He is the youngest State Senator in over 50 years. He previously served three terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Born and raised in Keene, New Hampshire, he was fortunate to experience the political process in a very personal way, working on campaigns at a young age. He is active in the community, previously serving on the boards of The Community Kitchen of Keene and the Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities, and was a volunteer for Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention and an overnight volunteer for Hundred Nights Emergency Shelter.

Donovan's dedication to healthcare reform has also left a lasting impact. He spearheaded legislation to expand access to affordable healthcare services, particularly in underserved rural areas. By working closely with healthcare professionals, policymakers, and community leaders, he has helped bridge the gap in healthcare disparities and improve outcomes for countless families.

In addition to his work in education and healthcare, Donovan has been a staunch advocate for economic development and job creation. He has actively supported small businesses and entrepreneurship initiatives, recognizing them as vital engines of local economies. Through targeted investment and innovative policies, he has fostered an environment where businesses thrive and job opportunities flourish.

Donovan's commitment to protecting the environment is another cornerstone of his public service. Recognizing the urgent need for conservation and sustainability, he has championed legislation aimed at preserving New Hampshire's natural resources for future generations.

Beyond his legislative achievements, Donovan is known for his unwavering integrity and commitment to serving the needs of his constituents. He maintains an open-door policy, regularly engaging with residents to understand their concerns and advocate on their behalf. His leadership has earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues on both sides of the aisle, solidifying his reputation as a unifying force in state politics.

Donovan Fenton

Donovan Fenton
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